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An extraordinary journey across the Bluegrass State is yours whenever you’re ready. Each destination reveals the unique and fascinating claims to fame that define Kentucky’s rich heritage.

Immerse yourself in Kentucky’s charm, guided by the Kentucky Capitals Quest, your passport to unveiling the Commonwealth’s treasures. From historic landmarks to local legends, our curated experience promises a blend of excitement, culture, and genuine hospitality.

Explore all eleven stops on the Quest and dive into each community’s unique offerings —delicious food, exciting festivals, and captivating events that define each capital’s claim to fame. Get ready to discover the rich tapestry of Kentucky as you journey through its diverse and dynamic “capital” cities.
Click on the badges below and let the exploration begin!

Begin your journey through Kentucky’s 11 capital communities, each one with its own unique culture and identity.

From the vibrant streets of Lexington to the creative spirit of Paducah, our quest promises an unforgettable adventure across the Bluegrass State. Discover scenic beauty, vibrant culture, and historic charm, all within a few hours’ drive.

Kentucky Capitals Quest
Kentucky Tour Stop Map

Batter Capital of the World


Quilting Capital of the World


Bluegrass Music Capital of the World

Bowling Green

Corvette Capital of the World

Oldham County

Farm Tour Capital of the World


Capital City


The Houseboat Capital of the World


The Horse Capital of the World


The Cycling Capital of Kentucky


The Beer Cheese Capital of the World


The Musky Capital of the South

How the Passport Works

Embark on a thrilling journey through the Commonwealth with the Kentucky Capitals Quest Passport. Grab your stylish passport — inspired by a luggage tag — at any of the 11 visitor centers on the Capitals Quest tour, collecting unique stickers for cool prizes as you explore each community. Collect three custom stickers for an air freshener for your vehicle. Collect six stickers for a curated offer from the community you’re in for your sixth Quest stop. When you collect ALL eleven stickers, cozy up with a branded blanket – perfect for impromptu picnics, cool nights, etc. This quest is not just a trip… it’s an achievement in a memorable expedition through Kentucky’s vibrant landscapes and cultural tapestry… making you an honorary Kentucky Capitals Quest Ambassador!

Kentucky Capitals Quest Luggage Tag