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The Horse Capital of the World!

Nestled in the heart of the Bluegrass, Lexington stands as a testament to the majestic beauty and equestrian excellence that define our city. Join us in celebrating a rich heritage steeped in the spirit of the horse – an experience you’ll find nowhere else.

Lexington – The Horse Capital of the World

Equestrian Legacy. Lexington’s legacy is intertwined with the hoofprints of some of the world’s most magnificent horses. From champion Thoroughbreds to graceful saddlebreds, our city has earned its reputation as the Horse Capital of the World, a title bestowed upon us by the passion and dedication of our equine community.

Thoroughbred Country. Explore the sprawling horse farms that dot the picturesque landscapes of Lexington. Visit the famed Keeneland Racecourse, where the thundering hooves of Thoroughbreds echo the excitement of the racetrack. Located inside the city limits, the historic Red Mile embodies the essence of our equestrian legacy. With exhilarating harness racing, vibrant entertainment, and local cuisine, it offers a quintessential Kentucky experience for visitors. 

Kentucky Horse Park. Immerse yourself in the world of horses at the renowned Kentucky Horse Park. A mecca for horse enthusiasts, this sprawling facility showcases the history, culture, and athleticism of various horse breeds through engaging exhibits, shows, and interactive experiences.

Equine Events and Festivals. Experience the thrill of equine events and festivals that grace Lexington’s calendar throughout the year. From the prestigious Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event to the festive Parade of Breeds, there’s always an opportunity to celebrate the horse in all its glory.

Join us in Lexington, where the horse is not just a symbol but a way of life. Plan your visit to the Horse Capital of the World and become a part of the equestrian legacy that has shaped our city into a haven for horse lovers worldwide.

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