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The Musky Capital of the South!

As part of the Daniel Boone National Forest, Morehead proudly stands as the unrivaled destination for fisherman seeking the thrill of musky fishing. Join us in an aquatic adventure where the serene waters of Cave Run Lake, ranked as one of the top ten musky fishing locations, comes alive with the pursuit of the South’s most elusive freshwater predator.

Morehead – The Musky Capital of the South

Cave Run Lake – Musky’s Haven. Discover the allure of Cave Run Lake, a sprawling reservoir renowned for its thriving muskie population. As the Musky Capital of the South, Morehead offers anglers a premier destination to test their skills against these formidable and prized game fish.

Annual Musky Fishing Events. Participate in the excitement of Morehead’s annual musky fishing events, where the community comes together to celebrate the pursuit of this mighty fish. Compete in tournaments, join fishing clinics, and share in the camaraderie that makes Morehead a true haven for musky enthusiasts. The Professional Musky Tournament Trail Spring Shootout is a thrilling fishing competition held annually in spring. Anglers compete for prizes while chasing the elusive musky. It’s a must-see event for fishing enthusiasts and spectators alike.

Musky Conservation and Education. Morehead takes pride in the conservation efforts dedicated to preserving the musky population in Cave Run Lake. Engage in educational programs and initiatives that promote responsible fishing practices, ensuring the legacy of musky fishing for generations to come.

Waterfront Recreation and Relaxation. Beyond the thrill of muskie fishing, Morehead offers a tranquil escape for water enthusiasts. Enjoy boating, kayaking, and lakeside picnics, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty that defines Cave Run Lake.

Plan your visit to the Musky Capital of the South and immerse yourself in a world where the waters of Cave Run Lake beckon anglers to cast their lines and make memories that last a lifetime.

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