Bowling Green Itinerary

Every Corvette in the world is currently made in the heart of Bowling Green, KY. Not only do Corvettes roll off the line at the GM Assembly Plant, but they also hold tribute to the history and beauty of these American-made sports cars at the National Corvette Museum. If that wasn’t enough to prove BGKY is a haven for car enthusiasts, you can also feel the speed for yourself as you sit behind the wheel of an all new C8 Corvette as you zoom around the professional racetrack at the NCM Motorsports Park. Here’s a revved up itinerary for a day geared for thrills in Bowling Green:

Bowling Green – The Corvette Capital of Kentucky

National Corvette Museum: Start your day by visiting the National Corvette Museum, located at 350 Corvette Drive, Bowling Green, KY 42101. More than 70 cars are on display throughout the museum with exhibits showcasing the history, design, and evolution of the Corvette. Don’t miss the brand new LUSTER hyper realistic paintings of automobiles available through the end of 2024, and celebrating the 10th anniversary of sinkhole, a limited exhibit “Ground to Sky: The Sinkhole Reimagined” will be on display from June 14th-September 15th, 2024.


Stingray Grill: Grab a bite at Stingray Grill featuring delicious bites as seen on ‘Guy Fieri’s All American Road Trip’ like the blackberry grilled cheese, or the Stingray burger, conveniently located within the National Corvette Museum. Enjoy a meal surrounded by Corvette memorabilia and fellow enthusiasts.


Corvette Track Experience: Consider booking a Corvette track experience at the nearby NCM Motorsports Park, located at 505 Kimberlee A Fast Drive, Bowling Green, KY 42103. Test your driving skills behind the wheel of a new C8 Corvette on the track under the guidance of professional instructors, or let the professional drive while you experience speed in the passenger’s seat! It’s an exhilarating way to end your day immersed in Corvette culture.


A night on the Town: After a whirlwind of speed and adrenaline, wind down the night in Downtown Bowling Green, where nightlife is abuzz with theater and orchestra nights at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center, or live music at Circus Square Park during the summer months. Grab a BGKY souvenir at Candlemakers on the Square, a sweet treat at Mary Jane’s Chocolates, and relax with creative cocktails and bourbon while dining at Hickory & Oak.

Additional Option (if time permits)

Corvette Store: Before leaving, stop by the Corvette Store located within the National Corvette Museum. Browse through a wide selection of Corvette-themed merchandise, including apparel, accessories, collectibles, and more. It’s the perfect place to find souvenirs to commemorate your visit.

GM Assembly Plant Tour: Currently operating on a limited schedule and around certain events, take a guided tour of the Corvette Assembly Plant if available, located at 600 Corvette Drive, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Witness the birth of Corvettes as you walk through the various stages of production. Tours typically last around one hour and provide fascinating insights into the manufacturing process.

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