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The Farm Tour Capital of Kentucky!

Oldham County proudly stands as the ultimate destination for those seeking an authentic and up-close farm experience. Join us on a journey where rolling fields, charming barns, and warm hospitality converge to create an unparalleled farm tour adventure.

Oldham County – The Farm Tour Capital of Kentucky

Scenic Countryside and Picturesque Farms. Explore the idyllic landscapes of Oldham County, where the countryside unfolds in a patchwork of green fields and historic farms. Our region boasts a rich agricultural heritage, and the Farm Tour Capital promises an immersive experience amid the picturesque beauty of rural Kentucky.

Guided Farm Tours. Embark on guided farm tours led by knowledgeable locals who share their passion for agriculture. From family-owned small businesses to expansive operations, each tour offers a unique insight into the daily life of farmers, the cultivation of crops, and the care of livestock.

Farm-to-Table Experiences. Savor the flavors of locally grown produce and freshly harvested goods with farm-to-table experiences that showcase Oldham County’s culinary excellence. Indulge in delicious meals crafted from the bounty of our farms, providing a true taste of the region’s agricultural bounty.

Hands-On Activities for All Ages. Engage in hands-on activities suitable for all ages. From petting zoos and hayrides to picking your own fruits and vegetables, Oldham County’s farm tours cater to families, nature enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a connection to the land.

Annual Farm Events and Festivals. Celebrate the changing seasons with Oldham County’s annual farm events and festivals. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of autumn or the bloom of spring, each season brings new opportunities to experience the charm and vibrancy of our agricultural community.

Join us in Oldham County, where a farm tour is not just an outing but a celebration of rural life. Plan your visit to the Farm Tour Capital of Kentucky and lose yourself in the beauty, bounty, and hospitality that define our cherished corner of the Bluegrass State.

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